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5 of 5 Star Pagga (Lite)

As I draw this special edition of App Wednesday to a close, I wanted to highlight a game that is growing on me more and more.  It’s a beautiful space combat simulator called Star Pagga.



Don’t let the screenshot fool you, that’s from a very old version of the game.  The game’s graphics keep getting better and better, and it’s a very clear throw back to games like Wing Commander.  If you know me, you know how much of a WingNut I really am.  So when I saw a game that played like Wing Commander, available on my phone?  I jumped on it.


Star Pagga uses accelerometer controls and the touch screen to really immerse you in your space combat environment.  And I’m sure there’s quite a storyline to unfold, but I’ve only just started in on the full version.  There is a Lite version available which includes five playable levels.The game even features a multiplayer mode!  Again – I’ve barely touched on it, I just wanted to let people know that this game was out there, and that the space combat sim genre is not dead and gone!


So check out Star Pagga or at least Star Pagga Lite!


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