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Better Know a Gamer: #26: Touchedgolf

Nu: What’s your Gamertag, and what’s the story behind it?
Touchedgolf I was in a rush to get on live so I let the computer make the name.

Nu: Wow, I’ve never met anyone who has done that! Where are you from?

Nu: How old are you, and what do you do (school, job, family, hobbies)?

Nu: How long have you been gaming in general?

Nu: Since age 10? 10 years? You’re new at interviews, aren’t you? 😉 How long have you been a 360 owner?
when it first came out.

Nu: What was one of your favorite Xbox / Xbox Live moments?
I don’t know? Becoming a DDB clan member on call of duty 4.

Nu: Which Xbox 360 Achievement are you most proud of?
All on Fight Night Round 3.

Nu: Yeah, when I finally got all 1000/1000 on that game, I was pretty excited! Are you currently working toward any achievements?
Any in Fable 2.

Nu: What game(s) are you playing the most now?
Call of duty world at war, Fable 2,and saints row 2.

Nu: What’s playing now (what music do you listen to when away from your Xbox or when listening to music ON your Xbox)?
Not much, so… red Hot Chili Peppers.

Nu: Do you try to stick with one Gamerpic, or change it frequently?
No, I like my gamerpic!

Nu: What is your current favorite Xbox related website to visit?

Nu: Deacon’s my boy! Do you have an all time favorite game, for any console or the PC?
Star Wars Knights of the old Republic on PC.

Nu: Do you have any gaming buddies you frequently play with / want to make almost as famous as you?
TXPaladin and Thumpthis.

Nu: Friends of the site! Any parting words for the droves of readers?
See you on xbox live.

Nu: One more down! That makes 26, keep’em coming!

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