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"Editorial" posts coming soon… now with Twitter!

A few months after I started the current version of WinBreak, I kept promising more of “my input.” And while I may have given my partiular spin on an article or two, I haven’t written too many “editorial” type columns. That’s all changing.

If you just can’t get enough of me (and I know you can’t), you can now follow my Twitter. It’s not hyper-active like some other users, I might only make 2 or 3 updates in a day. Who knows, I may even go days at a time without updating it. Apart from that, I will also begin writing a few more editorial pieces, strictly my opinion, not those representing any of my… oh, wait, I don’t have sponsors… so yeah, it’s all me! These posts will be tagged “NuAngel’s Notes.”

Why all of the sudden, you might ask? Well, after making a long winded post in the forums that nobody will ever read, I decided to start bringing more of my opinions here. I will even encourage members to log in and comment on the stories. I will be making the registration process a little easier to find – all the while, finally (hopefully) updating my blog-software. I’m using an older version of WordPress, but every time I try to update, I lose all of my content! I’ll work on that later, but don’t you worry – your login information should still be mighty safe, when you register.

Anyway, yes, be on the lookout for upcoming editorial posts – I’ve got things I’ve been holding back for a while, and hope to bring it all to light in a comedic yet fact-facing manor… I’m not the next Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw, but I’ll try and get you to crack a smile, like I did in the past.

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