[update 1] Find 360 in the wild: Win Uno… and the winner is…

FIRST, the submissions. πŸ˜‰

GuyWhoLovesRice submitted a whopping FOUR pictures (remember, I said you could submit as many as you want).

TXPaladin submitted one, which he noted that because it included both the requred 360, and the TX in his gamertag, should count for bonus points.

LancerX7 said he looked all week and found nothing, then finally hacked his Logitech G15 keyboard to give us this message:

And then there was silence… there were no other submissions. Six total submissions from three total readers. Well, for the record, I enjoyed TXPaladin’s picture the most, but… because of the dedication of only three contestants making our first contest all the more special, I’m going to award the game to ALL THREE CONTESTANTS! EVERYONE IS A WINNER!

TX Paladin will get the official Uno CODE, for the other two, I will be “gifting” the game to you. I had no intention of doing this going into the contest, my pockets aren’t that deep, but I wanted to thank you all, and hope that maybe you spread the word. Thanks for taking part in our first contest, and making it memorable and enjoyable! Even with only 3 contestants, I consider the fact that I have any pictures to show off, a sucess. πŸ™‚

Update 1: seems as though I’m a little more used to the “Wii.” I can’t “gift” games, and even the ability to gift POINTS seems to have been a “holiday promition” that billing.microsoft.com has disabled!! Very strange. I will work around this, I do not go back on my word! Lancer and Rice, you will be getting Uno, just hang tight! πŸ˜‰

[update 3] The UNO Giveaway is over!

Update 3: the judging shall commence… stay tuned! Or even turn on your Xbox incase you get the winning message!! πŸ˜‰

Remember, the contest ends @ noon EST on Sunday. Get your submissions in.

Now, I know a lot of poeple already have Uno, but I really expected a few people to enter just for fun! Maybe contestants are waiting until the last minute, maybe finding the number 360 in the wild and snagging a picture is harder than it sounds, I don’t know. All I know is that as of right now, your odds in this contest are really good.

Plus, we’re already concocting our next crazy scheme! πŸ˜‰ More contests on the way, folks, stay tuned!

GDC content is going to be available on XBLM

The 2008 Game Developer’s Conference is almost here. Microsoft has announced that on February 20th, they will post the keynote address from their own John Schappert on Xbox Live Marketplace, in HD. Additional GDC content may also become available, but we don’t know what that means. Gamerpics and themes? Trailers? Demos? We’re in wait and see mode already!

We asked, they listened: Vigilante 8 coming to XBLA!

It’s been on many people’s “top tens” and “wish lists.” It’s been played by millions and loved by nearly all. It defined a generation of CARnage games. It was made by a team of only five men. Made famous on the N64 and original Playstation before the first Xbox was anything more more than a concept, it is Vigilante 8, and our friends over at IGN are carrying pictures and confirming the rumors that it is headed to the Xbox Live Arcade.