Prank Test Drive

I saw this a few weeks ago. Some of it is obviously set up (it goes without saying, “professional driver, closed course”). And I’m sure that even the dealership had to at least have some inkling that something was going to happen. But I genuinely can’t tell if the guy in the test drive is an actor or just some poor car salesman who had no clue what to expect? Either way, it’s a decent watch – even for something that’s just basically a commercial!

Remember Freddy vs. Jason?

They clearly ended this movie wanting a sequel. I wonder what ever happened to it? They tried, unsuccessfully, to reboot the Friday the 13th series a few years ago. Perhaps it was just a tad too soon. Their time will come again. And I’ll be firmly in Camp Crystal Lake on the Jason side of the battle! 🙂 The “weigh in” promotion for Freddy vs. Jason was a big deal – Michael Buffer and all!

Holodeck in your living room? IllumiRoom says yes!

The future is… well, okay, it’s not here, yet. But if this is what it’s going to look like? I’m buying in. Holodeck Alpha 0.1, complete.

Although I love the simple effects like snow, or even seeing the outline of the map, one of my favorite effects was when firing the weapon, it appeared to distort the rest of the room with a shockwave. I can’t wait for something like this!