That YouTube Thing

10+ years ago, when YouTube was still new, I remember thinking it would never take off. I lived in a rural part of the country where bandwidth was a rarity, and I didn’t think most normal people would be making videos of themselves and posting them on the internet any time soon. Flash forward to an era where people live stream their trip to the grocery store, and I’ve been proven wrong.

Well, a few years ago I jumped on part of that bandwagon and made a few videos with some early tech or gaming related tips (how to take an offline Xbox 360 Gamertag on-line while keeping your Achievements, stuff like that). Then I started a gaming channel. Then I did more tech videos back on my channel for this website. Now I’m at the point where I just, frankly, want to merge the two. I’m bound to lose a few subscribers during the transition, but I’m small enough that’s not going to matter much anyway.

I’ll be posting a video on the gaming channel, called OurStorySoFarTV (to go along with the videos I’ve been posting here right along, see below) – and eventually I’m going to re-upload all 99 episodes of OSSFTV to the new channel, which can easily be found at:

Please consider following that link and subscribing to video content that goes up on It will be very much like this website – a combination of tech, gaming, and even other things. To welcome people to the channel, I have a very interesting, albeit brief, gaming-related video going up in just a few hours – be sure to check it out! I’ve already brought over some of my game-collection videos if you’re looking for stuff to watch right this minute!

That Time I Pissed Off Mark Rein of Epic Games

Back in 2003, I ran a tiny little website. This same tiny little website. I didn’t exactly have a reputation as a bad-ass or anything, I didn’t consider myself deep in the Warez or Software Piracy scenes, nothing like that at all. But it was clear that a small community of people around the internet saw me as an influencer of some kind.

I had somehow obtained a few new maps for the game Unreal Tournament 2003. Continue reading “That Time I Pissed Off Mark Rein of Epic Games”

Better Know a Gamer: #35: NuAngel

Several years ago on this website I ran a segment called “Better Know a Gamer.” I also had a series called “Star Light.” These were spotlight articles, interviews with regular gamers throughout the Xbox Live community in particular. The Star Light articles were used to interview people who held more of a “celebrity status” within gaming circles, but eventually I just lumped everyone under the “Better Know a Gamer” banner. I stopped after 34 “issues” if BKAG, and it has literally been over 6 years since the 34th installment, where I interviewed Dan Amrich.

I always told myself that, some day, I should answer my own questions. Continue reading “Better Know a Gamer: #35: NuAngel”

Microsoft keeps letting me down, why I do I keep coming back?

We’re tired of your undelivered promises, Microsoft.

I don’t care if PC sales are still declining, or who outsold whom, or how poor your messaging can be from time to time. What I’m absolutely tired of is feeling like I’m being lied to. Continue reading “Microsoft keeps letting me down, why I do I keep coming back?”

Why is my internet so slow today?

From day to day, reasons can vary. But if it’s July 12th, 2017 – there might be a very reasonable explanation. It’s a day of action as many companies take a stand for Title II Net Neutrality and protection of the Internet as we know it. Check out this 30 second video below for more information!

Battle For The Net Video Bumper from FFTF on Vimeo.

The “X As A Service” Business Model has Become Over Saturated

Amazon Prime. Netflix. Hulu. Xbox Live Gold. Xbox Game Pass. Pandora. Texture. Spotify Premium. Groove Music Pass. YouTube Red. Office 365. Loot Crate. PlayStation Plus. Audible. Sling. Patreon subscriptions. Apple Music. NFL Game Pass. MLB TV. NHL Center Ice.

If you’re like me, you subscribe to more than a handful of these services. Each one takes a small slice out of your pocket book, every month. Should you ever stop paying for that service, it all vanishes. At what point do we collectively decide we’ve had enough, and go back to paying for something once and only once? Continue reading “The “X As A Service” Business Model has Become Over Saturated”

NuAngel is of voting age! 18 years, one moniker…

A few years ago, I logged in to an old “” account. There was a section where you could find the date the account was created. I had registered on February 8th, 1999. I know I had used the name for a few weeks prior to that, but on services like ICQ, where a name could change whenever you wanted it too – your unique ID was a long number – your nickname was just a preference in your profile.

Hotmail was the first place I remember registering the name, thinking, “I like this name, I think I’m going to keep it.”

Five years ago, I made a post about how I have used the same name online for 13 years. Two years ago, I wrote about what the name meant to me. And today, marking 18 years of using the same online handle, I’m still happy to be known the world over – perhaps in small pockets, but it’s a very surreal feeling to have people “recognize you” by a “fake name” you use on the internet.

I have no legal claim to the name, I have no trademarks, and I’ve said before I’m very aware that there is a pre-existing “NuAngel, Inc.” out there in the world. But I don’t think I’m stepping on anyone’s toes – I travel in very different circles from the other company, and I’ve done my best to be an upstanding citizen of the internet (remember when “netizens” was a word people used?). At the end of the day, I just can’t see myself adopting any other name any time soon. Call me a geek if you want, I’ll own it!