An Archive of goodies

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Just for the sake of hanging in to things, I have archived a few things from the original run of now holds a semi-functional version of the site as it was in 2001. I have also archived a 2000-2001 version of the front page, along with 2003, a 2004 version versions, and the “nearing goodbye” version, from August 2nd, 2005. There is an index from the 9/5/05 “Final Hours” post which I may also put up, some day. One of the updates in the gaming section even mentions Halo, circa 2001!

For a stroll down memory lane, just remember that the website ripped of the design from, but it was totally an award winning website!


Or what about when link exchanges were the hot new thing?

Big thanks to,, and for some of the backup data being retrieved and stored.