How to change Xbox 360 screen resolution in the 2012 dashboard

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Previously, I posted how to change your Xbox 360 display settings from the Guide Menu, but some people have been asking how to do it in Metro. Microsoft is always sure to give you multiple ways to accomplish a given task. Here’s method two to change your TV resolution:

  1. Use the right bumper to navigate all the way to the right, to System
  2. Press the A button 3x (selecting Settings, Console Settings, then Display.
  3. Now you’ll have several different options for display settings – select HDTV settings by pressing “A” a 4th time.
  4. Select your resolution – you can use the optimal resolution setting if you’re unsure what to use.
  5. You will see a message asking you to confirm that you can see the new resolution.

When you select a new resolution, DO NOT press any buttons on the controller until the image returns to the screen. This will help you prevent choosing an invalid resolution. For example, if your TV only supports a maximum resolution of 1080i, and you select 1080p, your screen will go black and show nothing at all. However if you wait ten seconds, your TV will fall back to whatever the resolution had been previously. If you get stuck with a completely dark screen, you can refer to our article on resetting your display settings back to default.

2 thoughts on “How to change Xbox 360 screen resolution in the 2012 dashboard

  1. My display doesn’t have the hd option only normal for VGA. I don’t know how to change this as I have always used hdmi cable and 1080i but can’t seem to get it now I have moved house

  2. Are you currently connected over HDMI?  If you’re using the component cable that came with the 360, I would check to see if the small switch on the end that plugs in to the Xbox 360 is set to “HD.”

    If it is, or if you are currently connected via HDMI, I would try these three things: 1st, unplug and replug the HDMI cable at both ends (TV and 360).  2nd, try a different HDMI port on your TV.  3rd, try a different HDMI cable.

    If nonoe of that works, I would finally try resetting your display settings – – then see if the HD option is available.

    Good luck!

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