Wing Commander IV now available on GoG!

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I’m downloading my latest purchase as I write this. I realize I missed yesterday’s gaming post (with good reason), so I figured I would make for it by letting you know that one of the best games of all time is now available for a less-than-a-pizza $5.99.

What makes it even better? It’s big. It’s not just the version that originally had so much video content it had to span four CD-ROMs, it’s the version with DVD quality video, that had to span two DVDs. This was the first time, without a doubt, that you were literally playing a movie – you couldn’t blame pixelated video for your ability to suspend disbelief. Wing Commander IV is beautiful, and I would’ve paid any price for it from GoG – finding all of this hotness packaged into a six dollar download? Just makes it that much sweeter. So head on over to GOG and go blast some Border Worlders.

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