How do I disable automatic renewal of Xbox Live Gold? Here's your how to…

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Maybe you’re like I was when I was young, and you were never sure how much money you would have in your bank account on a certain day which could be weeks or months in to the future. I never trusted myself enough to have “automatic renewal” tied to some sort of debit card, then suddenly one day get notice that I had overdrawn my account. It’s not fun. Or, perhaps you just don’t know for sure if you want to continue using a service which you may have just started using. Either way, or for any other number of reasons, you may want to disable the automatic renewal feature for your Xbox Live Gold subscription. Here’s how to do it from the web:

Go to the My Account page, here:
UPDATE 11/24/2013: the instructions below have changed due to a redesign of the website. Go to the accounts page as linked above, then click “Subscriptions” (a large button at the top of the page) and you should be able to disable the Xbox Live Gold Subscription near the top of the Subscriptions page.

Original Article:
On the center of the page, you’ll see your current Automatic Renewal status: click the CHANGE button.*

On the next screen, simply set it to OFF.

Microsoft has the steps listed on their support page as well.
*Please note: at the time of publication, the “change” link is currently redirecting to the Contact Us page. You should be able to change the auto renew status online without having to contact customer support. I have contacted Microsoft for a response to see if this is a temporary change on the website, or if they will be making us jump through more hoops in the future. No comment, yet. I will update if I hear anything of substance.

2 thoughts on “How do I disable automatic renewal of Xbox Live Gold? Here's your how to…

  1. Very useful, thanks! I had been wondering how to do this for a while, but was under the misconception that you had to call microsoft and to through a whole long ordeal.  The only issue Im running into is:
        -Clicking change sends me to a page reminding me of all the great stuff I get with a Live sub.
        -Clicking through that brings me to a ‘special offer’ if I renew or upgrade my renewable account.
        -Clicking through that brings me to the actual part you reference, where I can turn automatic renewal off, but once I do that, it floods me with a few ‘omg plx dont!’ messages before it allows me to click save changes….. and then when I click Save Changes….  

    “An error has occured cancelling Automatic Renewal”  and my only option left is ‘Don’t Save’ which takes me right back to the first screen.  Please, please tell me how to end the madness.


  2. Yeah, I did end up discussing this with a few reps over in the support department at Microsoft, they seem to be aware of the issue and not concerned.  Seems more like a tactic of getting you on the line with a rep so they can try to convince you to stay.  A little shady, but maybe if Time Warner Cable had tried this hard to keep me (instead of calling me six months later and offering me a deal I would’ve taken at the time!), I would still be THEIR customer!

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