Update your Xbox 360 without Xbox Live

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Although the Xbox 360 was clearly designed with online play in mind, and the latest Dashboard and Firmware updates have clearly taken woven Xbox Live and Internet Based features deep in to the fabric of the Xbox 360, some players still do not have their consoles hooked up to the internet. There are also more than a few cases where, the place where you have your Xbox 360 hooked up might not have a very fast internet connection. Sure you can play games, maybe even stream some video, but to download hundreds of megabytes worth of dashboard updates just doesn’t seem plausible. Well, you’re in luck. Microsoft offers a few different ways to update your Dashboard, that don’t require internet access on your Xbox 360.

There are several options, but I really like the method of burning the files to a CD. You can also use a USB hard drive or flsah drive. Some game discs will even include the Dashboard updates and prompt you to install them before playing the game. As always, head over to Microsoft’s Support Site for Xbox 360 to learn how you can download the latest Dashboard update and install it, without ever conecting your console to the internet.

One thought on “Update your Xbox 360 without Xbox Live

  1. Personally, I have used the USB update method since I got my 360.  Only once have I ever updated it by download.  Not sure why you’d prefer using CD/DVD to update… its like, a complete waste of a piece of media.

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