Microsoft's NXE creates Sales Boom

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It’s been talked about and rumored, but I think a recent article on really did the best to talk about the recent explosion of sales Microsoft has experienced.

I often wondered how many people simply thought of the Xbox 360 as a gaming console and nothing more. Xbox Live was a multiplayer platform, and that was all. But for those of us who tinkered with the Dashboard in the past, we fell in love with movie rentals, TV show downloads, and every single part of the Xbox Live Arcade. Players would put in their game disc, and go right into what they came here to do.

I, myself, fell in love with the social platform that is Xbox Live – the entire Marketplace and the other features the Xbox 360 packs in. Since the NXE, users are being forced to stop at the dashboard and take a peek at the other offerings. And the consensus seems to be that they like what they see.

One thought on “Microsoft's NXE creates Sales Boom

  1. After 4000 plus downloads… I am addicted. I love all the freebies. Heck I have even spent a small fortune in MS points. Where are my stock options Microsoft?

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