Been Waiting on Mass Effect? Get the 2-disc edition!

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I was taking a stroll through the Gamestop website when I saw something I had no idea was coming. A preorder for a new 2 disc edition of Mass Effect. According to Gamestop, the package is nothing too deluxe.

Disc 1- Mass Effect video game.
Disc 2- Documentary, Game Trailers, Music, Design Galleries & Bring Down the Sky.

Makes me wish I hadn’t bought it all for the sum of $70… but at the same time, it was worth all $70. One of my favorite games of the last 5 years!

3 thoughts on “Been Waiting on Mass Effect? Get the 2-disc edition!

  1. I’m looking at picking this game up used to finish. I rented it and didn’t beat it, wanted to get a few other games and more value for my money at the time. Think I can pick it up for $14.99 used at GameStop though.

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