WBX: Gears 2 Game Crazy Launch in full effect

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WBX: WinBreak Exclusive
After our special report yesterday, Special Events reporter ButtonMasher79 decided to follow up to see how the launch went. She followed up with a few pictures, as well as the following report.

A full 100 people were expected and received for the Gears2 launch party at Game Crazy in Lakewood, CA. Gaming began at 9pm with a LAN-style player vs. player tournament with a total of four systems operating simultaneously. Customers were adding funds to their accounts so the transactions would flow smoothly and quickly. “The turnout is what we expected, it’s great for a weeknight and we’ll get more coming in tomorrow,” said Store Director Stephanie Armstrong. Game trivia, balloons, and giveaways peppered the evening and proved entertaining for all.

Down the street, GameStop had closed their doors and posted a sign that read “midnight launch tonight.” There were about thirty people waiting in the 55 degree ocean-cooled air in their fold-out chairs on the dark sidewalk.

A 20-minute drive from Lakewood is Universal CityWalk where a GameStop hosting Major Nelson and representatives from Microsoft. GameCrazy customer and editor-in-chief of BreakingTheGame.com Andrew Carr (pictured above with store manager Stephanie Armstrong) said he preferred this venue because he wouldn’t be guaranteed access to the dignitaries and thought that this location would be “a lot more fun.”

District manager Juan Rodriguez was working the sales floor and offering the strategy guide for 20% off with purchase of the game. “We overcame a lot of challenges to get here tonight but we’re glad to be here now,” he said, having arrived from the airport with the copies in-hand at 11:15PM. The existing copies will probably sell out by tomorrow at noon but the store anticipates replenishment as soon as Saturday.

Sara Culver, Special Events Reporter for WinBreak.com

You can view a few more pictures in the Gears 2 Lakewood Launch photo album.

2 thoughts on “WBX: Gears 2 Game Crazy Launch in full effect

  1. I was at this event in Lakewood and was one of the Game Stop people in line untill a couple guys from the Game Crazy came over and offered me $5 off my game with proof of my game stop pre-order and I took them up on their offer (being the cheap gamer I am). I should have been comming here all along but I didn’t know they where inside the hollywood video. I went into the game crazy and they gave me a line ticket and a coupon for money off a used game too, which was great because again, I’m cheap! I spoke to the manager and told her I wasn’t ever going back to that game stop after the time I had watching the gears tournament and the overall fun everyone was having, oh and the 5 bucks off my game! She mentioned this website and breakingthegame.com where covering the launch so I thought I would visit both to give you gamers out there real live feedback straight from a FORMER game stop enthusiast. Thanks to all the cool cats at Game Crazy and hooking me up with all the giveaways!

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