Life with Playstation: a bigger disappointment than I envisioned

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For those not paying attention to real websites, but somehow stumbling on mine: Life with Playstation has officially launched. I need to watch the video that I just embedded here, but from all of my accounts, it’s not that great. PS3 Fanboys are complaining that it’s being compared too much to the Wii Weather Channel and News Channel. That’s not fair. It doesn’t have near the locality that the Wii’s Weather Channel has, and the news reading feature is impossible – even on a 42″ TV, everything I tried to read was far too small, and there is no “Zoom” feature like there is with their web browser.

I like what Sony is trying to do, here – just a little something extra for the PS3 owners. This sort of feature (at least weather) has been something I’ve been hoping for in the 360 for a long time. It’s a nice bonus. But I don’t care what the weather is like in Washington, DC, or New York City – I live closer to Philadelphia – but that’s not even an option! Let’s also not forget that this isn’t an RSS driven mini-browser, it’s just basically a web browser going through Google News. Thus, if a link takes you to a random third party website, and you get the “not enough memory” error that the PS3’s browser is famous for, too bad, chum. You don’t get to read that story. It’s a start, but here’s hoping for the next version, soon.

If you want to give it a try, it’s free and simple. From the Playstation Blog: “Life with PlayStation is now available for download by selecting the Folding@home icon under “Network” on the XMB.”

2 thoughts on “Life with Playstation: a bigger disappointment than I envisioned

  1. Wow, I just clicked play on this with out reading the post first and I said, wait a minute, this is on my Wii. Talk about a copy of something someone else does. I know people think the New Xbox Experience is a copy of the Wii and perhaps in a small way it is, but I think they’ve done that better an plan to do much more with it than the Wii is doing with their Mii stuff. As for this, well I’ve got this on my Wii and its just another reason I don’t need to buy a Playstation any time soon. Thanks for sharing this info Nu!

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