[Update 1] Keep It Clean… Halo 3 reinventing itself?

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For anyone having a hard time with Bungie.net, here’s a mirror for the “Large” Windows Media version of the new “teaser trailer.”
KeepItClean_Teaser_ESRB_720p30_ST_6300kbps.wmv. 47.9MB.

The teaser shows an interesting art style, different from the Halo 3 universe we’re used to. But it still doesn’t tell us much. Halo 3, prepare to drop – that’s about all it says. Let’s wait for the ultra fanboys to pick it apart. 😉

Update 1: Just like I said, wait for the ultra fanboys to do their job. And in about 1 hour, they did. Xbox Live advertising of some form has confirmed that this is a campaign expansion for the game, and the “video analysts” may have already found a release date for the project. Sadly, if they’re correct, we won’t see any new action until after the new year.

One thought on “[Update 1] Keep It Clean… Halo 3 reinventing itself?

  1. I’m looking forward to learning much more on this expansion. I pretty much agree with the masses that this is an ODST version. My guess is the view on the ground is from UNSC seeing the ODST coming in and its more an likely to combat against the Covenant invasion of Earth. I think when everything goes black your next view is from an ODST soldier as systems reboot the hard landing. Just a guess is all on that part. Now what I wonder is if this is a small taste of a much bigger game to stand on its own later. Goodway to test how well it might go over to launch it as an expansion right now.

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