The Heroes Autographed Xbox 360 is gone!

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Some of you may remember that, back in December, I won an Xbox 360 that was autographed by the cast and crew of the TV Series Heroes. You may also remember me mentioning U360 cares – after a young lad saved up all his monies and then had his Xbox stolen shortly after he himself bought it! Well, after months of staring at a pretty autographed box… but not really doing anything with it, I decided it was time to put it to use.

I will let my good buddy DeaconBlade360 fill you in on the details over at

4 thoughts on “The Heroes Autographed Xbox 360 is gone!

  1. That was soooooo cool of you! I know you miss it but now you won’t have to worry about Deacon trying to us his ninja skills to get it. XD

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