Lionhead Studios Quells the Complainers

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In a brilliant move, Fable II developer Lionhead Studios announced that the previously known “Pub Games” will be available free to those who preorder Fable II.

When the arcade games were announced back in March, gamers the world over condemned Lionhead of double dipping. Lionhead originally came back by insisting that the games would each stand well on their own as fun Xbox Live Arcade Experiences, only enhanced by the fact that you could be amassing an in-game fortune prior to Fable 2 launch day. But in a move to amass a fortune of their own prior to launch day, the company decided to switch tactics, include all three games in one “shell”, and, you read correctly, give them away free to those who preordered the game.

The Pub Games will be available shortly before the launch to all players, pre-order or not, but will cost others 800 Microsoft points (already turning your $59.99 purchase in to $69.99).

Pub Game preorder offer is not exclusive to the “Collector’s Edition” which was also announced today, at $79.99 – which I consider quite a kind move on the part of Lionhead. Pay sixty bucks or eighty bucks, they don’t care, if you preorder it, you get the $10 package of XBLA games for free. Commendable.

4 thoughts on “Lionhead Studios Quells the Complainers

  1. I’m happy with that news for sure. I’m looking forward to Fable 2 big time and have some cool stuff about Fable & Fable 2 in the works as well. Really good news to hear for sure.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, K-Dub.

    Internet Explorer 6 shows the huge picture, as does the Playstation 3 web browser. My versions of FireFox 2 and IE7 both show the site fine.

    I’ll see if there’s anything I can do for you IE6 users out there.

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