"New"-ish Xbox 360 Motherboard shipping…

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This is an old floppy drive – could it be the basis of the new 360?
No. No it couldn’t.

According to unconfirmed sources, the SeattlePI is reporting that the “Opus” motherboards are shipping on replacement 360’s from the Xbox service department.

These boards are the ones designed to replace RRoD’d consoles that do not have HDMI. Rather than being nice and giving us free upgrades, Microsoft decided to spend their R&D money on a mid-range solution to the RRoD replacement issue. Sorry folks!

One thought on “"New"-ish Xbox 360 Motherboard shipping…

  1. Bummer to hear, I’m glad mines an Elite with HDMI. My first year of ownership is about up. The leaves me two more years for RRoD coverage and I also purchased the extended 3 year from MS to cover everything else at the start. So another 2 years for any other malufunction. My goal an hope is to not have problems though.

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