Soul Calibur 4 Limited Edition = Lotsa Goodies!

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A few minutes ago GamingBits revealed to me the Limited edition of Soul Calibur 4, and all of the goodies it will include. A metal box, and art book, and an XL T-Shirt – remember, it all comes in the light and dark flavors of the Xbox 360 and the PS3, respectively.

5 thoughts on “Soul Calibur 4 Limited Edition = Lotsa Goodies!

  1. As far as I know (keep in mind, I don’t research much in the UK, so I’m not 100% certain) the UK isn’t getting any special edition of the game. themselves is doing the “special case” with DVD – but I have not heard of any official “collector’s edition” being released anywhere in Europe. There is their special deal link. Also supposed to be a savings of £10.00.


  2. I’m in the U.S. and I did not get a key chain or the collector card in my PREMIUM EDITION. I paid $80 for what, but hold up… EBGames is calling….. Hmmm, (minutes later).. The key chains will be coming in tomorrow! “YEAY!”