Counterpoint: Stephen King Defends games?

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Despite typos and an all out lack of citation, I’m pointing to this article, which claims that horror novel author Stephen King had a few points to make defending video games, recently. Upon researching the citationless work, I stumbled on to the Reuters article, stating that the comments come from King’s recent Entertainment Weekly magazine column. While I will not quote from the brief article, King’s strongest point is that, essentially, video games are pop culture, and pop culture is something everyone can have some kind of opinion on, while ignoring larger issues.

While the ensuing comments from the first article are sparse, they are precisely what I hope to hear from parents taking an involved role in their children’s upbringing.

One thought on “Counterpoint: Stephen King Defends games?

  1. 3 Cheers for the King! I searched Google and went and read his full column on the subject too. Glad to hear he’s voicing an opinion on the subject. I agree as a parent of two, its my job to know what they are doing and guide them, its not the GOVERNMENTS job to be a parent.

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