15 year old Killed by Ignorant Gamer? Timeout.

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I was pointed to this article, today, which will no doubt be picked up FoxNews and countless other websites… I’m sure they’ll want to know the game being played at the time, as well… The headline reads “Video game linked to fatal shooting of 15-year-old.” The video game wasn’t the cause, it was an impatient and IGNORANT 18 year old. He may have been in shock the instant after it happened, but according the article he pulled the trigger twice. He had time to rethink his actions. But he killed a kid over a video game.

Games aren’t to blame, impatience, ignorance, and our still crap-tacular gun laws are. I’m all for gun owners, but there are far too many unregistered weapons in this country.

I need a time out. Lucky for me, I’m out of town this weekend. I was originally planning on making a post telling everyone how excited I was about the recent surge of BKAG submissions, and how I can’t wait to do more, and how I’ll try to update from the road… but I thought this was more important. With my out of town status, I’ll be posting updates and new interviews if I get the chance, but the rest of today will be WinBreak.com’s moment of silence, in honor young Olivier Baptiste, unless I come up with anything related to this specific article.

3 thoughts on “15 year old Killed by Ignorant Gamer? Timeout.

  1. That really is bad.. I will agree tho, it’s NOT the video games. Games are exactly what they should be… Games.. Nothing less, nothing more.

    RIP mate.. 🙁

  2. I know people that died over a Ipod, over money (aka paper), drugs, gang warfare, no reason at all (random shooting), driving a friend home (friend had enemy’s), etc. I’m just gonna put this out there since people seem to blame objects and emotions for murder……. Some people are F&$#ing idiots! Get it? O_o The fact that the news is focusing on the video game part of the story more then the dead kid is amazing. RIP Olivier Baptiste. I don’t understand why everyone is so against video games. Yes it has it’s problems but so does every other piece of entertainment out there because the majority uses the other forms of entertainment doesn’t make it better. The only thing I can think of is every time the news or any big name t.v show says something bad about video games, they get a free plug on every gaming website and show for free. I STRONGLY AGREE with you on the whole gun law situation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m in Brooklyn, it seems like everyone has a gun these days. O_O My area isn’t even that bad but every time something happens someone always has a gun or some kinda weapon. What ever happened to fighting with your fist or ninjitsu? O_o 🙁

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